Finger Spinners... the Whirlerz Finger Fidget Toys

Finger Spinners… the ultimate fidget gadget that every kid (and grownup, in fact) wants and needs in their lives right now! Whirlerz fidget toys are strangely addictive and great for keeping hands from fidgeting, so they’re perfect for helping people of all ages cope with stress, keeping fingers busy or just providing something fun to play with during downtime. Whirlerz finger spinners usually have three prongs and measure approximately 8cm across at their widest point. They are most suitable for those aged 8 years and over. Of course, younger children can get involved with the Whirlerz craze, but we advise adult supervision while they play.

Designed to keep restless hands busy, many people use fidget toys while they’re working, during meetings, on long car journeys, or even to stop them picking up their smartphones every few minutes! To use a hand spinner, you simply hold the central part of the hand spinner toy between your thumb and index finger and spin away. Practise hard enough and you’ll soon be able to do it with one hand. You can even balance the ergonomic centre pad of Whirlerz finger spinners on your thumb as they spin… then see how long you can hold it in place!

Crafted using precision-made bearings for a totally smooth spin every single time, once you pick up a Whirlerz finger spinner, trust us: you will find it pretty tricky - if not impossible - to put it down again. Available in a range of colours and finishes, there’s a hand spinner for all tastes and ages. Plus they’re compact enough to slip neatly into small pockets and compact bags, giving your restless hands something to do while you’re hanging around waiting. So browse Ashwood Gifts’ varied selection of fidget toys and get stocked up on the latest must have craze!

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