Ashwood has been igniting smiles and inspiring delight since 1993! Quite simply, that’s why we exist. Ashwood supplies a diverse range of toys, gifts, grotto presents and logo printed souvenirs to all kinds of visitor attractions, garden centres, and high street/online retailers; all over the UK, throughout Europe and beyond!

We’re here to make your life easier. Having worked closely with hundreds of retailers just like you for more than 2 decades, you’ll find that Ashwood fully understand the many challenges you face – such as:

  • Slow selling stock gathering dust on your shelves: Our Buy-Back Guarantee means that you can replace such products with faster selling products immediately.
  • Cash shortages at certain points in the year: To help you overcome this challenge, we’re happy to forward date invoices so that you can realise profit on our products before you’ve even paid for them!
  • Loss of sales due to supplier stock unavailability: We proactively limit this by constantly increasing our stock levels and by establishing multiple sources for bestselling products.
  • Supplier pack sizes/minimum order requirements being too high: You’ll find that Ashwood pack sizes are very reasonable – typically only 24pcs – and our minimum order value is only £150/170€.
  • Poor supplier communication: Our goal is to keep you fully informed at all times. For example, we advise specific due dates for new products when you order them, and we always check whether you still require (or wish to add to) backorders before despatching them.

Ashwood Core Values

When you work with Ashwood, you’ll experience our Core Values first-hand:

Flexible – we’re flexible as elastic
Always Exceed – we go the extra 10 miles
Speedy – we’re faster than lightning
Teamwork – it’s all about the team

Ashwood Brand Promises

  1. Buy-Back Guarantee: If your customers aren’t buying an item fast enough, we’ll buy it back immediately. No quibble, no catch!
  2. Easy to deal with: We’re the the easiest company to work with on the planet.
  3. Unique, in-house designed products: Diverse range of innovative products, regularly refreshed with new, in-house designed items.

As well as our Buy-Back Guarantee, and our promise that we’ll be the easiest company to work with on the planet, we also promise you that we will continue to bring to market new and exciting products which you haven’t seen before. In the future, you can rest assured that the Ashwood range will continue to develop and diversify significantly, as we launch more and more unique products. Furthermore, we will continue to serve and increasingly wider base of customers throughout the world, in order to ignite thousands more smiles and inspire delight amongst children and families all over the globe!