Our team loading a van with Ashwood products to donate to Barnado's!




Here at Ashwood, our aim is to ignite smiles and inspire delight; so we think it’s great that we have the opportunity to really give back. That’s why every 4 months, we will be selecting 3 new charities to support with sales from our AdoptiPals range. At the end of the 4 month period, 5% profit from all AdoptiPals sales will be split equally, and will go straight to the 3 nominated charities.

We’d love to hear your suggestions of animal-related charities you think we should support! Please email any ideas to

Here’s a quick look at our chosen charities for this quarter:


Hawk Conservancy Trust



The Hawk Conservancy Trust’s mission is the conservation of birds of prey. The bird of prey populations around the world face numerous threats, so the Hawk Conservancy Trust carry out their conservation and research work` in the UK and overseas.




Secret World Wildlife Rescue



Secret World rescue or advise the public on over 5,000 animals and birds a year, including hundreds of wildlife orphans such as otters, badgers, foxes and birds of prey, which they hand-rear, care for and rehabilitate.





Shepreth Wildlife Conservation Charity



The Shepreth Wildlife Conservation Charity was established to help fundraise for important wildlife conservation work both locally and abroad. The organisation raises funds and educates visitors about species which are threatened with extinction, while also playing a major role in providing funds for the on-site Hedgehog Hospital!





Through the sale of our AdoptiPals, we were able to raise £244.08 last quarter for each of our chosen charities, and here’s how our donations have gone to use!



Wildwood Trust were able to put the money towards their ‘Red Squirrel Walkthrough’ which they are currently developing at their Discovery Park. Throughout the past few months, they have been working hard to get the walkthrough experience ready for members of the public to enjoy during the May half term. Our donation has helped them get one step closer to finishing the project in time.




Suffolk Owl Sanctuary were experiencing their busiest time of year at the raptor hospital, looking after a large number of baby ‘brancher’ owls who had decided to branch out of their nest before they were ready to. With our donation, they were able to provide warmth, care and food for their little patients and were able to help these baby owls get back to health again and grow up big and strong!




Skegness Naturland’s mission statement is to provide care for orphaned, injured and sick seal pups. Throughout the last 10 months they have rescued 54 pups! But what is even more amazing is that they have been helping pups for the past 54 years. Our donation was able to help the charity look after these pups and we were even given a Platinum membership, we can’t wait to go up and visit all of the animals at the sanctuary!