“Monkton Elm Garden Centre have used Ashwood for the past 2 years to supply us with toys for our Christmas Grotto. The service and product range is fantastic with a great choice for all ages. If we run short they are always at hand to get us a delivery before the weekend.” Steve Searle, Monkton Elm Garden Centre

“We have used Ashwood for the last 2 years for our Santa’s Grotto gifts. Their customer service is excellent and they provide very good quality gifts. If you have a specific age group or a budget, they will send you a selection of gifts to choose from, and if you request it they will even send you samples before ordering. They even offer a gift wrap and labelling service, which is very helpful, as some companies don’t offer this. Delivery is quick and always on time; if you run low on gifts (as we have done previously), you can order more and they deliver quickly – giving you peace of mind that you won’t have disappointed children!” Marie Tolley, Trentham Estate

Do you want this year’s Christmas Grotto to be your most successful ever?
Every year we help dozens of clients all over the UK... ensuring that their Christmas Grotto is an unanimous success, by supplying them with quality Santa Grotto Presents at wholesale prices, perfectly suited to their budgets... both wrapped and unwrapped. And we’ve be doing this since 1994!
Why Ashwood for grotto presents?
There are many great reasons why you should give us a try for your grotto gifts this year:
Find it challenging to source new and different ideas for grotto presents at the right price?
Each year we completely refresh our selection of grotto toys and gifts, so that we can always offer you a fresh, different and exciting variety of options for all ages that will fit your budget.
Worried that you might end up with surplus grotto gifts and toys after your event?
ASHWOOD GUARANTEE: IF YOU END UP WITH SURPLUS GROTTO PRESENTS, WE PROMISE TO COLLECT UP TO 10% OF THE TOTAL NUMBER OF PRESENTS YOU ORDERED AND CREDIT/REFUND YOU FOR THEM - EVEN IF THEY'RE WRAPPED. NO QUIBBLE! (Please note, returned presents must be full, unopened cartons of presents - part/mixed cartons of presents cannot be returned. We will arrange the uplift of such presents at our cost, but a complete list of the presents to be collected (product code/description/quantity of each item) must be emailed to us in advance by 31st January - returns will not be accepted after this date.)
Might need a last minute top-up delivery?
If you suddenly find that you actually need more grotto gifts urgently during your event, we can supply top-up orders within 2 working days!
Stuck for space?
We can reserve all the stock for you in our warehouse, and deliver your quality grotto presents just when you need them (and invoice on delivery). You can even split your order up into multiple deliveries if you prefer. 
Would you like grotto toys and gifts wrapped?
We offer a wrapping service! This could potentially save you hours of time and costly staff resource.

Want your customers to come back to your grotto next year?
We understand that you want your customers to keep coming back to your grotto or Santa train event every year. We appreciate that in order to ensure they do keep coming back, your grotto presents must always represent excellent value – the higher the perceived value in the eyes of the customer the better. Rest assured that all the options that we will offer you, will definitely reflect this.
Looking for bespoke or branded grotto presents?
Many of our clients want quality grotto gifts which are bespoke to their organisation – often a toy which has their logo printed on it for example. This is an area we specialise in and our tremendous sourcing ability has often surprised and delighted our clients. Simply send us your wish list of ideas and we’ll be glad to assist you!

A minimum order value of £250 applies to all Grotto Present orders – you can select any combination of products from our range to make up this value.