The number of families who are deciding to holiday at home, rather than travel abroad for their holiday, has increased, and this is helping to boost pocket money product sales. We anticipated that an increase in UK tourism and stay-at-home holidays would have risen; this could be due to the Brexit vote in 2016.

One in 14 people who are planning a holiday abroad ended up changing their plans when the sterling value fell, and the cost of travelling outside of the UK became more expensive. Not only are holidays in the UK now cheaper, but they also remove any worries that may come with travelling overseas, making them an increasingly popular option for Brits looking to go on holiday.

For many of our customers, this is excellent news; as a huge segment of their customer base are families. Children will be looking for goodies to spend their holiday money on, and pocket money toys are ideal!

Since the pound has fallen, the UK has become more attractive to visitors from overseas countries too. Last year over 40 million people visited the UK, and with this number due to rise over the next few years, meaning more customers on the high street during summer periods, there is no better time to be selling pocket money pick up lines!

We sell a wide range of pocket money buys including our branded souvenirs range, that are ideal for anyone wanting to make their gifts personalised, and create great, memorable keepsakes! We are sure we have the right toys for you and your business!


Pocket Money Buys

Pocket Money Buys