New year, new craze, and a fresh boost in sales?  We think so!

This time last year, Fidget Spinners started appearing on the market as the latest toy trend taking over classrooms.  The height of their popularity came in May 2017 with all of the 20 top-selling toys on Amazon being fidget spinners or other fidget products.  We know that toy sales come in waves as a new craze surfaces as we’ve seen with Fidget Spinners this past year, Loom Bands in the early 2010’s, Tamagotchi’s in the 90’s, and Cabbage Patch Kids in the 80’s.

With that being said, the next big craze in the UK is predicted to be the Spring Flip Spinner!  Also known as Spinnerooz, these addictive toys are a more advanced variation on the Fidget Spinner, that not only spins, but flips on a spring too.  It is expected to extend the spinner craze as it gives crazy kids who have mastered fidget spinner tricks a more challenging and fun toy to master.

As with the Fidget Spinner, it is designed to decrease stress and help focus by helping the mind relax while the hands are kept busy.  Research into the correlation between fidgeting and attention have found that minor physical activity stimulates the release of dopamine and noradrenaline, which in turn increases attention and focus.  The Spring Flip Spinner is perfect to help excited kids focus, and make all their playground friends jealous.  The added spring feature brings an extra element of fun and spontaneity that children can master and compare when they learn new tricks.

Spring Flip Spinner

We’re tremendously excited to announce the craze of the up and coming Spinnerooz, which are sure to be the talk of the playground with their launch in February!

We’ve stocked up early, so you can too!  The Spring Flip Spinner comes in 4 vibrant colours and styles.

Spring Flip Spinner