According to online data trends, they have shown that the Unicorn has been rising in popularity since 2015.

There have been unicorn themed everything across social media, and by everything we mean toys, clothing, home decor, recipes, makeup and clothing; even unicorn poop! Starbucks also launched a Unicorn Frappuccino, which saw a spike in the Unicorn trend when it was available, but it still seems to be gaining traction even though it was released a few years ago!

The word Unicorn has been tagged over 5 million times in Instagram posts and Pinterest bursting with ideas as to how to bring a little bit of Unicorn magic into your life!

So where did this craze begin? Several people have been trying to explain why Unicorns are so popular all of a sudden. Some believe that this craze is nothing new, while others believe that it's linked to a childhood memory. The earliest written reference to Unicorns dates back as early as the 4th century, nowadays it is a lot easier to show our love for Unicorns.

We think Unicorns are tremendous and help ignite a child's imagination! With this in mind, we have a vast range of Unicorn toys on our website, from pocket money buys such as Unicorn Sculpted Pen, Unicorn Poo Putty and Sequin Unicorn Keyring  to impulse toys in the form of Walk-A-Unicorn and Unicorn Hatch Heroes, all designed to delight and entertain!


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The Unicorn Trend